I don’t want to hear any BS about him hiring the most qualified.

Under no circumstances is Arne Duncan the most qualified person for the job. I will not even entertain the argument.

Duncan’s entire career has been nothing but an exercise in White Privilege. There is no Black person, that I have ever seen, get to the levels of this man, without having the BASIC proper credentials.

With all the Black folk who have PhD’s in Education, he chooses Duncan, who has a sociology degree.

A sociology degree.

I didn’t say Masters in Sociology. I didn’t say PhD in Sociology.

He has a damn Bachelors in Sociology.

He is a flunky tool crony choice of King Richard Daley II. He has done nothing for the Chicago Public School system. Not for the children that need it the most.

Bump Hillpatine being Secretary of State, THIS is the worst appointment that Obama has made.

And Black and Brown children – who make up the majorities of the Urban School Population – will have to pay for it.


Edited to add:

I’m from Chicago. I live here. I’ve seen Duncan’s ‘ leadership’ of CPS up close and personal. I’ve seen him be a flunky crony for Richard Daley. There is nothing original from him. There is nothing from him that has helped the local school. There is an insensitivity to the results from his actions, on a neighborhood level that is appalling. If your child goes to a magnet school, or a school in a gentrifying area, you have nothing to complain about. Outside of that, the gaps are glaring. I don’t know about any of the other folks mentioned for this position. I do know Duncan, and he was unqualified from the word GO, and is a display of mediocrity at its worst.

Edited again:
My personal experience, as well as others I know. There actually WERE some good local neighborhood schools. Schools which weren’t on probation. Schools which were providing a decent education to Black and Brown children in the neighborhoods. I saw, as one by one, those schools were destroyed by ‘dumping’ children from closed schools into them. To a fault, each of the quality schools that I knew about servicing Black children, after being forced to take children that were ‘ dumped’ from closed schools, wound up on PROBATION. This was after the parents, students, and faculty were begging on their knees to CPS to understand what dumping children would do to their schools. They took working Black schools and turned them into non-working Black schools, and then here comes the threat of closure and turning them into charter schools.

But, funny how, when the asking came from schools in gentrifying neighborhoods, we didn’t see folks ‘ dumped’ into those schools.

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