Watching the results come in has been nerve-racking, although seeing PA go over to Obama – such sweet relief. Without PA, it’s gonna be tough for McCain to win. And now Fox is calling OH, I’m hearing on Twitter? Oh my lord. Could our long national nightmare really be coming to an end?

When can we just say Barack Obama is president!?

I’m heading out shortly to do an interview with the BBC that will be available here in the US on BBC America around 8:20pm PST/11:20pm EST(btw the BBC America coverage is actually so fascinating in terms of hearing a mixed British-American viewpoint. I recommend it and Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake will be there all night) and on BBC 1 in the UK, BBC Worldwide and wherever you can find it I think. Thanks for your advice, btw.

After that, Current TV and Digg are teaming up for a big party here in San Francisco. They’re giving me a press pass and a free drink.

Then, I’ve been invited to hang out in the Castro where I’m hearing from gay friends that people are waiting to go crazy around the Prop 8 attempt to ban gay marriage here in CA.

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