When I’ve interviewed for jobs (and I’ve had to do that with increasing regularity in the past month or so), I complied with EVERYTHING prospective employers requested of me.  Even if I didn’t get the job, they couldn’t turn me down because I lacked the qualifications, didn’t meet the desirables, or do what I was asked. It’s what you do when there’s a job you want.  So, I’m finding it bloody difficult (as the British would say) that Bill Clinton won’t fork over those donor lists until Obama officially announces his wife will be nominated for Secretary of State. Via Politico:

As part of a startling roster of concessions to President-elect Obama, former President Bill Clinton has agreed to release the long-secret list of donors to his presidential library by the end of this year, according to a Democratic official.(emphasis mine)

But, Obama is to announce his choice of Hillary TOMORROW.  That doesn’t sound like Billy Jeff is going to comply with Obama’s requests until AFTER his wife has been officially nominated for the job.  Is it me, or does this sound like an END-RUN around what Obama wants, so the Clintons can once again, co-opt the stage for fun and profit?  Why can’t he release that donor list BEFORE Hillary’s announced for the job?

I readily admit I do some hand-wringing about Obama’s choices, and Hillary is as good a reason as any to wring one’s hands, considering the polarization and race-baiting she initiated into this electoral season, long before we even HEARD of Sarah Palin.  I’m going to be direct – I don’t like Hillary as the choice, but I was willing to accept it until I learned that once again, the Clintons are not willing to PLAY FAIR.

I also don’t like the visual that the President-Elect is being manipulated or blackmailed into taking this harpy on as SoS because she has NOTHING to manipulate or blackmail him WITH.  I’m failing to understand why the Clintons are getting their way on this.  It does not look good for the President-Elect to start caving before he even sits down behind his desk in the Oval Office.

Then a reassuring thought came to me.  Obama can nominate Clinton, but she still has to be confirmed by the Senate.  Her former Colleagues. And if she’s pissed off some of those colleagues, they can make the confirmation hearing a brutal one, just by mentioning that donor list. If Bill’s not going to turn over that Donor list until just before her confirmation hearing, which means those records won’t be opened long enough to get a good look at it – that’s going to raise even more suspicion about those donors.  Just like John McCain’s medical records – they were opened for thirty seconds for the media to get a gander at them – which was no time at all.

Doesn’t Clinton realize there are still the fringe that absolutely hates them and are still gunning for them every chance they get?  Does Obama realize that far from “no-drama”, Hillary Clinton’s confirmation hearings has ALL THE MAKINGS OF STRAIGHT DRAMA?  Does he realize that Bill Clinton thinks deep-down, that Obama needs to be kissing his ass, because in some neather-world, Bill Clinton is still delusional about being the King-Maker?

Then, I remembered what a chess-player Obama is.  The Clinton nomination might be the one arena where they are effectively taken out of the game and straight NEUTERED, and Obama will have accomplished it without even getting his hands dirty.  He allows the system to “do what it do” and handle the outcome.

But, I’d still like to know why Clinton is holding on to that Donor List like it was Monica Lewinsky’s Blue Dress.

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