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I think the full impact and significance of Barack’s ascension to power will hit African Americans at different points and at different times. It was early on for me when I could first realize the possiblity and all that our people have gone through. I think there will be other times though, maybe as Donna Brazile says when he walks down those steps to take the oath or maybe one day on a news clip when his standing in a tuxedo for a state dinner with dignitaries. There will be many times that chills will go through our bodies at the site of something we never thought we would see and for many the emotion will overcome us and for others it’ll just be muming under our breaths the words “unbelievable’. But the next four years will be good for the souls of black folk. And for those of us truly committed to going the distance with Barack in the good and bad times, we’ll make our way to the ‘tv to support him as we will this afternoon for the press conference. Unless he really does something to disappoint, he will have the unfaltering loyalty of African Americans throughout this whole ride. This is a once in a lifetime chance for most of us to take this journey. Now it will be nice if others come after this trail he blazed, but I do believe we will follow him as though its our one and only shot. He will be appreciative.

I’ve been thinking about some of ‘those moments’.

My list so far:
1.Michelle holding the Bible on January 20, 2009.
2. The first time Michelle enters the White House as First Lady (no, we won’t be able to see that)
3. When they meet the fully assembled White House staff (no, we won’t be able to see that)
4. The first time he boards AIR FORCE ONE
5. The first State Dinner (I’ll be glued to C-Span. I hope Leticia Baldridge is still alive and is the usual C-Span guest)
6. State of the Union, 2009. I’m going to be chilled twice:

(to be honest, I’m still not used to ‘ Madam Speaker’. So, the combo of that and ‘The President of the United States’ – damn)

7. Black History Month at The White House, February 2009
8. President Obama and Mrs. Obama at Buckingham Palace
9. President Obama and Mrs. Obama on an official overseas trip to Africa
10. President Obama’s first G8 Summit
11. The HGTV Special, Christmas at the White House

Anyone want to share what they think will be their ‘ unexpected moments’?

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