The Return of Bill Clinton?  Could Be if Obama Appoints too Many of His Former Cabinet Members

I can stomach Rahm Emmanuel as Chief of Staff.  And in a perfect world, Jamie Gorelick might be ideal as Attorney General; however, the knives are out for her as I write this:

Carries as baggage: Her work at Fannie Mae, which had to be bailed out by the government in September as part of a $200 billion deal. Ms. Gorelick left the company just as it was coming under attack for huge accounting failures. She has also drawn criticism for her role at the Justice Department, in which she allegedly created an intelligence “wall” that hindered counterterrorism agents in the years before the Sept. 11 attacks. Conservatives called for her removal from the Sept. 11 commission, but her fellow members rallied around her and said critics were distorting her record. The criticism grew so heated that the F.B.I. investigated a death threat against her family, and President Bush had to intervene personally to stop the Justice Department from releasing sealed reports involving her. Some conservative bloggers have already begun trying to derail Ms. Gorelick’s possible nomination as attorney general, pointing to her experiences at both Fannie Mae and the Sept. 11 commission.

Far more disturbing to me is that Mr. Obama is perfectly willing to employ most of his cabinet with former Clinton Administration appointees.  Where have we seen this before?

Can you say The Current Administration?  Nearly everyone on board in both terms, came from either Poppy Bush’s administration; Ronald Reagan’s Administration, and Richard Nixon’s Administration.  And they all came with the same disasterous policies that didn’t fly in those previous administrations, either.

I want to see President Obama demonstrate more independence in his Cabinet choices.  I don’t think too many Clintonistas should be rewarded for the slimy, kitchen-sink, scorched-earth campaign they ran – giving tacit consent to John McCain to engage in similar slime and mayhem – even including a pretty woman who hosted campaign rallies that served as recruitment events for the KKK.

If the incoming President is bringing change to Washington, too many Clintonistas may bring the shyt with them that makes him a one-term president; not to mention setting Hillary up for 2012.  Which may be the Clintons’ strategy ALL ALONG.

Let me be clear – if there are too many former Clinton appointees in an Obama Administration, then we need to ask ourselves “What Kind of Administration will we really have for the next four years?”  I mean, get off your euphoria for a minute and engage in some deep, comprehensive thinking that I know JJP readers are capable of.  What message is this sending to the people who worked their asses off to get Obama to the White House?  Clinton Redux?

Yeah, Clinton was a competent President – but he’s served his two terms and has no right to sabotage Obama in his quest for a defacto third term (cause y’all know Hillary will not be running shyt – as First Dude, Bill Clinton will be a more intelligent version of Todd Palin).  Additionally, what I remember from the Clinton Administration was first embracing progressive ideas until they threatened his tenure and they got slung under his bus in an attempt to co-opt the ReThugs’ legislation and stay on top of things.  From that we got:

  • Welfare Reform – making things worse for receipients;
  • Dismantling of EEO/Affirmative Action – “Mend it, Don’t End it”
  • Failure to fully intergrate the Armed Forces with that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Bullshyt
  • Deregulation of everything that was regulated and the finance industry, the communications industry and other industries that could engage in fair competition, but devolved into consolidation and allowed slugs like Rupert Murdoch to come into America and initiate propagandist networks like Fox Noise.
  • And what should really SCARE YOU – too many DLC members in an Obama Cabinet poisons his Cabinet, reinfects it with DLC bullshyt that hasn’t worked in 20 years, which resulted in Bill Clinton having to work with a Republican-led Congresss for seven years of the eight years he served; and finally, GIVES ENTREE TO HAROLD FORD, JR. into Obama’s strategies and turns him into the Black version of the weasel, Joe Lieberman – and Harold wouldn’t hesistate to sell out Obama in sabotaging him while telling us he’s helping the brotha.

Open for discussion, y’all.  Do you think Obama’s Cabinet will be solely Clintonistas, and if so, do you think that helps the President…or turns him into Julius Caesar – surrounded by enemies willing to sabotage him to set up Hillary for 2012?

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