1. President-elect Obama won the state of North Carolina. As one of our readers so aptly put it, that thump you hear is Jesse Helms turning over in his grave.

2. It’s looking as if President-elect Obama will win the Nebraska 2nd Congressional District Electoral Vote.

3. The Obama-Biden campaign has a new website: Change.gov: Office of the President-elect

4. What do you want to see happen in an Obama Administration?
An American Moment: Your Vision
Start right now. Share your vision for what America can be, where President-Elect Obama should lead this country. Where should we start together

5. Politico debuts new site covering everything Obama
Touting itself as “a living diary of the Obama presidency”, Politico has started an offshoot website called Politico44 to follow the transition and upcoming events. Color me skeptical. I had to stop reading Politico.com during the campaign season because it became offensive.

6. The Coleman/Franken Senate race in Minnesota is going to a recount.

7. The Chambliss/Martin race is going to a RUNOFF. If you are in Georgia or near Georgia and can give Mr. Martin a hand, I bet he would appreciate it.

8. The Democrats pick up the Senate Seat in Oregon with Merkley winning.

9. Media Alerts:
The Obamas are on the cover of the upcoming US weekly.
Barack Obama will be on the cover of People.
He is also on the cover of Time and Newsweek, which will be releasing special election issues tomorrow. (that’s when I’m going to begin hunting for them. )
If you want a copy of that great Chicago Sun-Times cover of Obama:

you can find it at Sun-Times.com or by calling 312-321-3000. For Obama junkies, the Sun-Times has a series of Obama posters that are terrific.

10. HuffingtonPost.com piece on the possible schools for Malia and Sasha.
Malia And Sasha’s DC School: Where Will They Go?


This last note is a personal point. I don’t care what the MSM does, there can be NO rehabilitation for John McCain in the corner of this country where I sit. This entire slinging of Caribou Barbie under the bus NOW doesn’t mean anything to me. Everything they are revealing about her is what many of us sensed, and were told that we were crazy, unfair, obsessed with this woman. It’s just that it was obvious: her deep disqualification for the office that she was running for was blaring, and here we had folks pushing this woman like she could actually do the job, and the MSM covering for her, because to reveal what she REALLY was, would mean that this race would have been OVER before the end of September, and they couldn’t have THAT (for their ratings). John McCain jeopardized this country by placing that unqualified religious nut where she could be a heartbeat away from The Presidency of the United States. I don’t believe I’m overstating this. And, because he had such disregard for the possible future of this country, HELL NO, he should not be ‘ rehabilitated’. That woman needs to be the albatross around his neck in loss as she was during the campaign. He should not be able to divorce himself from this decision that HE made.

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