The Commander-In-Chief “Dealing With” Traitor Joe LiebermanLooking “South Side” To Me, LOL

Man, oh, man, when it comes to Traitor Joe Lieberman, I must confess, I’m liking President-Elect Obama’s style for dealing with this weasel more and more.  As Kos says, this attempt by Lieberman to suck up to Mr. Obama in an effort to hang on to his Committe Chair that gives him authority to harass the POTUS is hilarious.

Sen. Joe Lieberman has reached out to President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden to arrange a congratulatory phone call, a Democratic aide tells The Crypt. The effort has led to a recent conversation between Biden and Lieberman.

Like a seasoned NFL Quarterback, Obama refuses to take Lieberman’s call and hands off his treacherous ass to “Ride or Die” VP Joe Biden to DEAL WITH HIM.  Kos has his take on it, and I have to agree:

So he’s reaching out to key Senators, yet when Lieberman calls, he’s handed off to Biden?

Doesn’t sound like Obama doesn’t hold grudges.

Senate Republicans are still trying to blame Obama for sabotaging efforts to strip Lieberman of his chairmanship, but reality is, the Senate can decide for themselves. It just seems that they can’t escape their cycle of capitulation.

Many of you commented that the way Obama’s handling Lieberman was to hand him off to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and it appears that strategy is starting to bear fruit.  The Incoming POTUS would rather talk to actual Republican Senators, than one who says he’s a Democrat, but acts like a ReThug on TV.

Pass the popcorn, this is going to be good, watching a weasel like Lieberman hopefully get neutered.

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