A few days ago, I posted about the importance of holding our elected officials accountable, as well as posted on current issues, such as how the money from the Banking Bailout Bill is really going to be spent.  I promised readers that as long as Jack and Jill allow me to, I would post a thread opening up discussion on these issues, and hopefully, begin dialogue that leads to input on the national agenda, now that we will have a POTUS that actually listens to his constituents.

Today, I thought I would post about the need for sound leadership in Congress, and the need to ensure that any elected official showing treachery in the midst, and continual stabbing in the back of its party and leadership, must be DEALT WITH.  If President Obama is going to be effective in getting this nation back on track, it will have to start with Congressional Leadership that can facilitate unanimity among its party members when it is needed.

I don’t believe Senator Joe Lieberman fits the bill.  I posted on his treachery and how he uses his position as a supposedly “Democratic-Caucusing Independent” to hold the Senate hostage and use issues like ramming through the Supreme Court Nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito here.

So, what’s the Issue I want to put out for Discussion?  Why Joe Lieberman must be DEALT WITH, Harriet Tubman-style, and if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is unwilling to do so, the next step is raising enough hell to get the attention on Capitol Hill to encourage and promote a Challenge to Senator Reid for his Majority Leadership Position.

Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT and Lieberman’s State Colleague), would be a good choice, because he demonstrates the “Ride or Die” quality that our new Vice-President, Joe Biden, does.  Hell, if Joe Biden wasn’t the VP, I’d nominate HIM for the role, but we go with the guys we got.

Senator Russell Feingold (D-WI), would also be a good choice, because he is willing to stick his neck out on principle and not do what’s politically expedient to protest his Senate seat.  Face it, keeping Joe Lieberman in the midst of the Democratic Party in the Senate for him to gain more opportunities to stab the Democrats in the back, does not amount to good LEADERSHIP.  As much as I can’t stand House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), I also know that she has dealt with traitors in her midst on the House of Representatives side much more effectively than Reid has done on the Senate side (see this link for how she dealt with former Armed Services Committee member Jane Harman here.)

Okay, here’s the first post for discussion; make it a good one.  Two questions: (1) What to do about Lieberman and (2) Should Harry Reid be replaced as Majority Leader if he wimps out and allows Lieberman back into the fold, and if yes, which Senator should replace him?

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