ginormous hat flip to shanikka at My Left Wing

I am working too hard.  I have no time to write diaries.  Yet between yesterday afternoon, when I’d finally read one hateful racist fingerpoint from a white gay person too many here and elsewhere on the internet, I’d had enough.  I therefore blew off work that needed to get done and still needs to get done to try and put to rest, once and for all, this virulently racist idea that Black people are to blame for the passage of Proposition 8 here in California.  It is an idea grounded in utter myth, a complete lack of knowledge about anything related to Black people’s presence in California, and just plain old scapegoating.

Hoepfully, this diary will help put all that to rest, and we can get back to work trying to beat back the hateful results of Tuesday’s vote.

Please read this entire post and share it with your misinformed friends, colleagues, etc. We can’t afford to have such divisive and false poison spread.

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