Just wanted to let yall know about some changes

  1. We’ve changed “Election Action Center” to “Change Action Center” and will be adding links and messages to this area that have to do with governing and making it happen. We’ve added a link to change.gov at the top and will also feature change.org and other initiatives trying to keep it real
  2. To the “Peep Em” section, we’ve added a banner for This Week In Blackness, created by Elon James White. This is emerging as JJP’s favorite comedy show, and I just feel like promoting quality work by quality people, so there

If there are links, banners, projects, etc you’d like to see us feature, let us know in the comments, and we’ll consider it. In fact, just take this time as an opportunity to provide any feedback on the layout or functionality of the site. We’re listening.

BTW, we know about the fact that the number of comments on a post doesn’t display on the homepage and are working on that. Thanks and peace.

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