They smile in your face…The Slave Catchers… SLAVE CATCHERS  (to the tune of the O’Jays “Backstabbers”)

According to Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic, the rumor mill is churning out two names of individuals allegedly interested in leading the Republican Party for the next four years; raising money for them, and campaigning for Republican Candidates.  Former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele v. Former Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell.

Can y’all say SLAVE CATCHERS?  Here’s the take:

If he were to be a candidate for the RNC gig, that would mean the party has two African Americans vying to be one of the party’s leading voices during an Obama administration. Michael Steele, the former Maryland lieutenant gov, is also in the mix.

I posted a link to a Washington Post article that tried to explain to the rest of us why African-Americans would want to continue membership in a party affiliation that continues to SHOUT at them that they are not really wanted in the party except as decoration when the leaders want to hollar about how “diverse” they are (face it, having 36 African-American delegates in attendance at the RNC National Convention, out of an estimated 2000 is as much diversity as they can stand).

I’m interested in why these two slave catchers want to be the leaders of the RNC – no, wait; I think I’m going to answer my own question, but I’d like JJP readers to chime in, too.

I think the RNC wants them to compete for the job, so they can hand over the RNC in the world-class shythole it is in, and then blame either Steele or Blackwell when the party doesn’t recover in the next four years. That’s how it’s done in the name of diversity; Eff it up, turn it over to the Black/Latino/Woman, to clean it up while tying their hands and then blame them when it doesn’t get straightened out. Although Blackwell or Steele may honestly think they can do well as RNC Chair, the GOP has consistently shown their feral willingness to sling a person of ethnicity under the juggernaut for sport and scapegoating.  If the party’s fortunes don’t improve under their leadership, they will not only have convenient scapegoats to blame – they will also have a ready-made excuse not to even do diversity outreach anymore, and will pronounce their previous efforts at diversity as major Failures.

Not that I would ever think of joining that club, but still…

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