Not because Wild Bill is job-hunting, cause he’s not.  He’s being vetted to see if there’s going to be any conflicts of interests between his dealings and Hillary’s getting the job of Secretary of State, and being able to perform her duties.  If Bill’s not clean, Hillary might not get the post.

WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama’s advisers have begun reviewing former President Bill Clinton’s finances and activities to see whether they would preclude the appointment of his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as secretary of state, Democrats close to the situation said Sunday.

The examination of the former president suggests how seriously Mr. Obama is considering bringing his onetime rival for the Democratic presidential nomination into his cabinet. He met with Mrs. Clinton in Chicago on Thursday to talk about the prospect and word quickly filtered out. Many Democrats close to both camps said Sunday that it seemed likely that Mr. Obama would ask her to take the job, assuming they could work something out regarding Mr. Clinton’s role.

Many of us on this board have said “Hell, Naw!” on Hillary getting the job, and a few of us have suggested Bill Richardson gets the nod.  I do have a different take on this, thanks to posters Sepia, Miranda and Town, who have encouraged me to think outside the box.  So, here’s my thought on this: What if President-elect Obama is considering Hillary and going through the vetting of Wild Bill, so he has a bonified, legitimate, irrefutable reason for eliminating her from consideration

Think about it; if Wild Bill comes with too much baggage in the means of secret donors to fund his Presidential Library, as well as some of his business dealings…the Hillbots can’t complain that Obama’s being sexist; nor can they argue he’s holding grudges against Hillary for being the first to fling race poo on the wall to see what would stick against the O man during primary season.

If nothing else, the next POTUS is showing himself to be a methodical person in laying out his game plans and we would do well to watch how he plans his next moves.  In laying out the case as to whether or not Hillary Clinton gets the Secretary of State post, Mr. Obama is operating with a finesse and detail that could give Perry Mason lessons.

What say you, JJP readers? And if not Hillary for the job, who should get it?

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