Hat tip: a JJP reader.

This is feeding off an article over at The Field, by Al Giordano:

Mr. President-Elect: Judge Abner Mikva Is Right

Who is Abner Mikva?

He’s one of those folks that when they say something, you listen, because, over his long and distinguished career in public service, he has come to be known as a ‘ truthteller’. Being from Mikva’s homestate, I can tell you that what he’s saying isn’t just reverberating in Democratic, but also GOP circiles, cause Mikva rolls like that.

Abner Mikva – former federal judge, law professor, member of Congress, reformer of Chicago politics, chairman of the Illinois Human Rights Commission… and former White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton – told the New York Times today:

The vetting of Mr. Clinton’s myriad philanthropic and business dealings is “complicated, and it may be the complications that are causing hesitation on both sides,” said Abner J. Mikva, one of Mr. Obama’s closest supporters and a White House counsel during the Clinton administration. “There would have to be full disclosure as to who all were contributors to his library and foundation. I think they’d have to be made public.”

While aides to the president-elect declined Monday to discuss what sort of requirements would make it possible for Mrs. Clinton to serve as secretary of state, they said Mr. Obama would not formally offer her the job unless he was satisfied that there would be no conflicts posed by Mr. Clinton’s activities abroad.

Associates of the Clintons said that Mr. Clinton was likely to have to make significant concessions and that he was inclined to do so. Among other things, they said, he would probably have to agree not to take money for speeches from foreign businesses that have a stake in the actions of the American government. Another obvious issue, Democratic lawyers said, would be whether Mr. Clinton’s foundation should accept money from foreign governments, businesses or individuals for the foundation’s philanthropic activities and if it should disclose those donors publicly.

“The problem is it’s going to require some sacrifice by him,” said a former Clinton aide who is not involved in the discussions but did not want to be identified because the talks are confidential. “If he’s not willing to do that, it could blow up.”

One proposal, floated by Mr. Mikva and several other aides involved in the vetting process, would be for Mr. Clinton to separate himself from the activities of his foundation, including raising money.

“It’s not just what he does or says – it’s the fact that the foundation is involved with foreign countries, some of which might well be in conflict with U.S. policy,” Mr. Mikva said. “It’s more than a legal problem – there are ethical problems and appearance problems.”

JJP has been upfront since the beginning of anything having to do with Hillpatine with regards to the President-elect. EVEN IF you actually believed Hillary Clinton could do a good job at anything, it’s NEVER JUST ABOUT HER.

She comes with Bubba.

And, with Bubba comes those DONOR LISTS.

You know…the ones to the Library and the Foundation.

I believe, and so do a great deal of JJP readers, that Bubba made checks his butt couldn’t cash…

THAT is why they were so insistent on getting Hillpatine as VP.

Now, maybe JJP readers are like me – proud, honest, tinfoil hat wearers.

Maybe we’re just being ‘ paranoid’.

But, it sounds like Judge Mikva is wearing his own tinfoil hat.

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