Dear Mr. President-Elect:

There is some concern around the blogosphere, that you are hesitating in ending the horrific policy of
‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

This policy was WRONG when instituted under Bill Clinton.

But, back then, the United States Armed Forces was the fittest and strongest Armed Forces in the world.

This is NOT the case today, in 2008.

We have a U.S. Military stretched to its limits.

We are fighting two wars.

We have lost over 4,000 lives between those conflicts.

We have lost tens of thousands of soldiers who are permanently maimed and no good for active duty any longer.

We have lowered the entry standards so far, that it is NOT uncommon to see among recruits classes of folks that were eliminated without hesitation years ago.

What classes are those?

1. Rural Terrorists, better known as White Supremacists.
2. Urban Terrorists, better known as Gangbangers.
3. Straight up criminals.

Now, I would like for someone to explain to me, like I’m a member of Sasha Obama’s classroom..

the justification for giving the United States Military Uniform to White Supremacist thugs, Gangbanging thugs, and criminal thugs..

But, stripping it from law abiding homosexuals and lesbians who want to serve their country.

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