More news on the voter suppression front:

Over the past two weeks, the 1-866-OUR-VOTE hotline received over 100,000 calls from across the country. Today alone we have received over 25,000 calls. For live updates, follow or

Election Protection is closely monitoring voter requests for assistance and reports of all problems at the polls through its hotline (866-OUR-VOTE), web site ( and tens of thousands of volunteers across the country.  The following reports were received Monday and are being investigated by Election Protection legal experts. We will keep you abreast of all major developments throughout this election cycle.

* Kansas City, Missouri: Reports are coming in from voters at a largely African American polling location, who are being warned of a 6-8 hour wait to vote (despite the line being short) and forced to put their names on a list while in line to vote. Poll workers told 600 people waiting in line that if they had a number, they could come back any time before 8pm to deliver their absentee ballot in person. (
* Texas: Several reports have come in from voters who have not yet received their absentee ballots.
* New Jersey: Election officials will not be able to process all new voter registrations in time for Election Day and are planning to make a large number of voters cast provisional ballots as a result.
* Westchester County, New York: An official county mailer was sent out in English and Spanish – the Spanish version lists Election day as November 9th.
* Colorado and Florida: We continue to see a steady stream of newly registered voters report that they have yet to receive their registration card or polling place location.
* Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Callers have reported receiving robocalls telling them that Election Day is November 5th.
* Ohio: Voters have been falsely told that they can send in absentee ballots as late as November 14th.
* North Carolina: Fliers were left on cars at a shopping mall instructing Republicans to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4th (actual Election Day) and Democrats to vote on Wednesday Nov. 5th.
* Louisiana: People who moved out of their damaged homes after Hurricane Katrina are reporting confusion about their registration status and voting precinct.
* Maryland and Virginia: Voters report receiving calls from the purportedly from the Obama campaign with inaccurate polling place location.
* Indiana: Early voting centers are closing at noon and many people left standing in line have been sent away without getting to vote. Election law is unclear about this situation.
* Michigan: Many registered voters’ names are not appearing on the state web site that verifies registration status. This also means that people can’t find their polling location on the site.

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