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From Miranda:

I honestly think some people are uncomfortable with seeing this black woman on a pedestal…because we’re supposed to clean the pedestal, or build the pedestal, or help somebody up onto the pedestal or there’s this wierd feminazi stance that we’re supposed to be offended by the pedestal because……..I really dont know why – no one’s clued me in on that part.

But a bonafide sistah? we’re not supposed to be helped up onto the pedestal by our King and sit up there in all our glory because that’s where he wants us to be and that’s where you deserve to be. Oh no….I think its really bothering some folks to see this Queen.

What set this off was a discussion about how Michelle Obama was being criticized for saying that was going to be the ‘ Mom-In-Chief’. That I had seen more than one article like this one at Salon:
The momification of Michelle Obama
The next first lady is an accomplished lawyer. But with the media focused on her clothes and family, Bamalot is starting to look a lot like Camelot

You know the criticism: with all of Michelle Obama’s edjumacation, why would she say that her first job would be ‘ Mom-In-Chief’?

I would reply:

Michelle Obama has 2 small children that she wants to prevent from becoming subjects of an ‘ E! True Hollywood Story’. Black women know that means HANDS ON PARENTING. Why is this so hard for people to believe that this woman means for her children to THRIVE in this world? Are they so unaccomsted to seeing a devoted Black mother that they’re twitching with nervousness?

Why is it difficult to believe that Michelle Obama would put her children first? Did you not read the stories about her? How she took an infant Sasha with her to a job interview? The type of security and self-assurance of a woman who would do that? The statement, ever so quiet, but strong that it made?

She seems to have an actual MARRIAGE, which means that it will be up to HER to try and carve out a portion of the world for the future President that is REAL…that he can decompress from the pressures of being President.

Add into it that she’s the first Black First Lady, and if she did everything the same that Laura Bush did, it would be different, JUST BECAUSE MICHELLE OBAMA IS DOING IT.

From where I sit, that means Michelle Obama will be busy from sun up to sun down for the next 4, hopefully 8 years.

I don’t know what the hell these folks want Michelle Obama to do.

Actually, I do know…they want her to be another Hillary Clinton.

But, Michelle Obama would NEVER, and I mean NEVER, put Barack Obama in that position. She would never disrespect Barack Obama that way by overreaching. She would NEVER undermine his Presidency that way.

I have been a critic of mainstream feminism because I simply don’t believe it has anything to do with Black women or their lives. I believe Black women have never wanted to be separated from the men in their lives, and don’t want, in general to compete with them. Because of the legacy of our families being torn asunder, I believe we have a tradition of holding hard to our families.

And, as an astute Michelle Obama Watch commenter noted, “We’ve always had to have it all. When were we able to NOT work? You learn a lot after 350 years of “juggling.”

Yes, Michelle Obama radiates the confidence of a woman that is loved and cherished. And, why not? She was, by all accounts, adored by her father. Fathers are as important to daughters as they are to sons. From the right kind of father, a girl learns self-confidence, a sense of worth, and a sense of self-value that tells you – ‘ Baby, don’t you even think about settling for less’. And, when a girl like that, grows into a woman, she looks for- no demands – that the man who wants to be her mate, step correct. Why would she give up being valued, when she knows nothing else? So, yes, she marries a man who loves and values her. Treats her like a Queen. And in return, she treats him like a King. It does not diminish her to treat her husband like a King. It does not diminish her to have a strong, caring man as Head of the Household. It is a comfort. It is a relief. It helps a woman sleep better at night.

For the critics, I ask this:

Why shouldn’t Michelle Obama have all of that?

Just what do you think she’s ‘ given up’ to be Barack Obama’s wife and life partner?

Personally, I see a woman who has it all. And does it oh so well.

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