I want to know who on Obama’s team is making these suggestions and what are they smoking.  Do they have any friggin’ idea who the hell Lawrence Summers IS?

He’s as good as a Bush Administration appointee (even though he succeeded Robert Rubin in 1999) – he was an assistant Treasury Secretary who became the eyes and ears on deregulations and shyt for the late Ken Lay of the Enron Ripping Off Poor Californians during the energy blackouts back in early 2001, as well as costing Gray Davis his job as California’s Governor.  Read the “love note” he sent to Lay when he took over as Treasury Secretary:

May 25, 1999

Mr. Kenneth L. Lay
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
PO Box 1188
Houston, Texas 77251

Dear Ken:

Thanks very much for you kind letter of congratulations. I am grateful for your best wishes and deeply honored by the President’s choice. As I said in the Rose Garden, Secretary Rubin’s act is a tough one to follow and there are certainly plenty of challenges ahead. I am looking forward to the opportunity and to continuing on the course that has been set.

I hope our paths will cross again soon.


Lawrence H. Summers

[Hand-written scrawl] PS – I’ll keep my eye on power deregulation and energy market infrastructure issues.

The actual written note is here at OpenLeft.  Read it and pay attention to the handwritten portion.

Not to mention Summers is the same SOB who got in trouble with women regarding his views on their earning potential and other shyt while still collecting a paycheck from Harvard University.  Does Obama want a Treasury Secretary who thinks like THIS:

In January 2005, Summers described, at a Conference on Diversifying the Science & Engineering Workforce sponsored by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the different ways of explaining why there were more men than women in high-end science and engineering positions. He gave the three main hypotheses in the following order: that more men than women were willing to make the commitment in terms of time and flexibility demanded by high-powered jobs, that there were differences in the innate abilities of men and women (more specifically, men’s higher variance in innate abilities or preferences relevant to science and engineering), and that the discrepancy was due to discrimination or socialization. (*emphasis mine) He also stated his view that the order given reflected the relative importance of each of the three factors.[15] An attendee made Summers’ remarks public, and an intense response followed in the national news media and on Harvard’s campus.

Jesus.  Do “they” want to tank Obama before he warms up his seat in the Oval Office? <<<eye roll>>>

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