Hey folks, I’ve been invited to speak to the BBC on election night. They’ve also got the fabulous Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake, Melissa Clouthier and other bloggers planned. It’s an honor, really. I remember tuning in to the BBC from the middle of China on a shortwave radio as a young girl to hear the breaking news that Nelson Mandela had been released from prison in South Africa.

I will be on air at around 8:20 (Pacific) on TV. (I realize that might be late for some of y’all on the East Coast – around 11:20pm EST, so feel free to record it.) I will be interviewed as a single interview by their blogging presenter Laura Kuenssberg. The interview will be broadcast on in the US on BBC America (check your cable listings for the channel) as well as BBC 1 (the main domestic channel in the UK), BBC World and the BBC News Channel. Following that, I’ll sit with presenter Jim Naughtie for the overnight radio results programme. Apparently my voice “will be beamed across the world” according to the BBC. Hmm…no pressure!

I realize I’ll be among those representing African-Americans to the rest of the world on an important night, win or lose for our guy. What do you think is most important to communicate about African-Americans and our relationship to Barack Obama’s victory or loss?

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