Am I the only one who’s sick and tired of all the latest political drama these days being “about the Clintons”?

Dayum, it really ISN’T ABOUT THE CLINTONS.  Why in hell won’t they get THAT?

I tried, y’all.  I really tried not to write another damned post about Bill and Hillary Clinton, but just like the Caribou Barbie Governor Sarah Palin, the Clintons will not take the hint and gracefully exit the stage, and it’s really PISSING ME OFF.  If Hillary is truly serious about trying to make amends for the scorched-earth tactics she engaged in during the Democratic Primary, someone needs to tell her that making one or two campaign speeches on behalf of the President-elect during campaign season, does not cut it.

Especially when once again, you are trying to force your way into something when you only got an invitation to interview for the damned job.  Via HuffPo:

Update 11/20: The New York Times reports that suspected leaks from the Clinton team are angering Obama aides and may threaten Hillary Clinton’s position:

In their public signals, the Clintons are trying to take the former president’s activities off the table as an issue, in their view eliminating any excuses for Mr. Obama not to give Mrs. Clinton the job. Some in the Obama camp are bristling at what they see as strategic leaks by the Clintons aimed at boxing in the president-elect and forcing him to offer the post.

Both sides were engaged in a delicate public and private dance, maneuvering for position and reputation in case the deal falls through. Aides in each camp have grown increasingly sour toward the other in recent days as the matter played out publicly.

Um, yeah, I’m recalling these tactics after Obama won the nomination:

Mark Mellman, a Democratic pollster not affiliated to either camp, told The Sunday Telegraph: “We have known for two years that Democrats and voters in general are much more interested in change. Yet for reasons that are inexplicable, the Clinton campaign chose to be on the short end of that message stick.”

Backed into a corner, Mrs Clinton responded with increasingly outlandish claims about her qualifications, including a ludicrous statement that she had braved sniper fire on a trip to Bosnia.

That, plus her subsequent insistence that she had merely “mis-spoken” rather than admitting she had got her facts wrong, raised new issues about her character.

Or the fact that her camp started those “leaks” back then, trying to force her way onto the Presidential Ticket.  What I liked about that was Obama called her damned bluff, chose “Ride and Die” Joe Biden to be his running mate, and offered her a graceful way out, which she failed to accept.

These “leaks” are nothing more than a certifiably insane tactic to satisfy that sense of entitlement Hillary and Bill both have.  And if they are really trying to play fair and remain a relevant factor in DC’s Democratic circles, it would behoove them to plug up these leaks because the Obama camp is sounding like they’re playing the track “IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERE.”  Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country…and loudly inform the Clintons that it is NOT ABOUT THEM ANYMORE.

There’s a new Sheriff in Town.  Fella with a real African name of “O-BAMA.”  And they would do well to get along with him, because I think Obama make a real bad enemy like John Shaft (“Shut yo’ mouth”).

And since “leaks” seem to be the problem, Hillary should call Joe the Plumber and tell him to get to work instead of trying to get publishing deals to write books he can’t read.

As Atrios usually says on his blog: “Thread, please…”

UPDATE: Shout-out to Miranda, who posted a comment in the Open Thread that inspired this post.

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