That’s the latest ‘rumor’.

Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State.

The ever astute JJP readers have pointed out that this would be a disaster, and all thing for us here lead BACK TO THE DONOR LISTS.


We still don’t know who’s on those Donor Lists – to the Clinton Foundation and to the Clinton Library.

Do we really want Bill Clinton around American Foreign Policy?


I’m still at the point why this is even being discussed. Why isn’t Bill Richardston the slam dunk for this position?

And, if I hear one more commentator on that damn book about Lincoln and his rivals, I’ll have to give a holla.

I don’t believe Hillary Clinton can raise a ruckus in the Senate. It’d be much too obvious to see her being obstinate in the Senate. So, I don’t buy the excuse that Obama would be trying to get her out of The Senate.

Discuss JJP.

Let’s get it all out.

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