It’s been mad frenetic around here and in most of our lives these past few months, and we put something on the site without bothering to explain. Please allow me to briefly give you the lowdown on how you can help underfunded schools and help our children get engaged civically.

DonorsChoose is an organization that connects donors with classrooms in need around the country. In fact, my college roommate, Dahni-El Giles, was one of the founders. The organization has reached out to black bloggers to fundraise for classroom projects related to the issues we cover, and Jack and Jill Politics is proud to be part of the effort.

In addition to the widget in the center column (in our Change Action Center), we have our own page on the site. Some of the projects that need funding are things I’m sure we can all support. Here’s a sample:

This last project really touches me. Here’s an excerpt of the teacher’s request (emphasis mine):
My students have worked hard and conquered many obstacles to reach their senior year, but they are about to face their biggest challenge yet: entering the workforce in an economically depressed area where there is tight competition for even minimum-wage jobs. As their teacher, I want to give them an advantage when they enter the workforce. As an ongoing project over the course of the year, my students will create professional portfolios that will include their resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, thank you letters, awards, autobiographies, and more. Not only will these activities help build the practical language skills they’ll need on the job, but the portfolios themselves will help them get higher quality jobs so that they can become productive citizens and earn a living wage.

I know we just finished bringing it for Barack to the tune of $3,000, but I believe any donations to these projects will have a lasting impact. We have an opportunity to put into practice many of the ideals we promote in this community. Let’s show our youth that we care.

Also, this fundraising campaign is a competition with other black bloggers, and I don’t want JJP to go out like a punk. Let’s show em how we do! Make sure you donate through our page.

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