I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the Applied Research Center‘s Facing Race Conference later today. Rinku Sen, leader of ARC, has written a great book btw called The Accidental American: Immigration and Citizenship in the Age of Globalization that I recommend. Puts a whole new twist on racial profiling. Wow.

I am speaking today with Andrew Rasiej of Personal Democracy Forum and Tara Conley of Brave New Films on “Using New Media and Technology to Advance Racial Justice”.

We, uh, specialize in advancing racial and other forms of justice here at JJP with your help. The JJP front page bloggers been talking about the next phase of JJP going forward post-election. Core of our purpose here is going to stay the same though, rest assured. We’re here to monitor and expose media bias. And to hold elected leaders – especially African-American leaders – accountable. So while we will be supporting Obama’s administration against the right wing attacks to come, we’ll also be watching Obama’s rule and how it impacts African-American lives. We’ll be coming to you soon with a special post to run our plans past you and hear from you on JJP’s direction in the era of a black president.

Here’s a video about whassup at Facing Race in Oakland the next couple of days. Check it out:

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