And he didn’t play the race card, the gender card, or any other card that’s on the table.  President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama showed us and the entire world how to get the job done.

He showed how elections could be hard-fought without descending into mudslinging, name-calling, or personal attacks on an individual. Though his opponents did not afford him the same degree of respect, dignity and honor, he never wavered in his determination to do it on HIS OWN TERMS.  While the world watched the circus that was the McCain Campaign, Obama did what he needed to do; he contended for every state, whether it was 3 electoral votes or 55; each state was important to his campaign.  In so doing, he ran up the score on McCain, while McCain was still tilting at windmills and Palin thought they were winning.

Did you see that stunned look on her face?  If you didn’t here it is, while McCain admonishes his supporters about their lack of class in booing at the mention of President-Elect Obama:

Sarah Palin

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News/Landov (This was the picture I wanted when I originally posted this blog.)

He didn’t kiss the required asses, either (Yeah, Congressional Black Caucus Members toting water for Hillary and still not wanting to get on board the Obama train, I’m talking about YOU).  He paid his dues the way the old-school contingent wanted – yet he also had to decide when it was time to take HIS TURN, because there are some of you with the “Crabs-In-A-Barrel” mentality, and won’t take your hands off the steering wheel to allow someone else to drive.

Finally, the President-elect’s humility forced his opponent to show some class in his concession speech last night – even though McCain’s supporters showed their decided lack of CLASS, and Sarah Palin was so selfish, she couldn’t even play the game of unity on behalf of the man that plucked her out of obscurity and placed her on the National stage where she really HAD NO BUSINESS being.

For future elections (2010 is around the corner, y’all), with help from DNC Chair Howard Dean, the man who will be known as President Obama, showed us – US, the PEOPLE, how to GET IT DONE.  Let us not let him down by forgetting how he did it by failing not to do it in future contests, because you not only COULD; YOU DID IT.


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