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In a September 2007 Washington Post column, former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson noted that “a substantial shift of Hispanic voters toward the Democrats” in five states–Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico–“could make the national political map unwinnable for Republicans.” All five of those states went for George W. Bush in 2004, and all but Arizona went for Barack Obama in 2008. Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi of Bendixen & Associates, which specializes in Hispanic public opinion, says that “the Hispanic vote played a crucial role, if not the determinant role” in helping Obama carry Florida, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico.


Even in McCain’s home state of Arizona, Obama won Hispanics by 15 percentage points (56-41). In Texas, Obama won Hispanics by 28 percentage points (63-35). James Gimpel, an immigration expert at the University of Maryland, predicts that Arizona and even Texas will soon become “blue” states thanks to their large and rapidly growing Hispanic populations. (In 2008, Hispanics were 16 percent of the electorate in Arizona and 20 percent of the electorate in Texas.)


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