A former colleague of mine at my old job who’s probably in his late 60s and recently retired sent me this video featuring Keith Olbermann’s commentary on the overturning of the right of all people to marry, no matter your sexual orientation, in California. He is one of the warmest, smartest, dearest men I know and his partner is also a sweetheart. Their loving care for one another and for all whose lives they touch is so real, it’s palpable whenever they are in a room together. Olbermann was so moving, I had to brush away tears at the end. And I’m glad I got that email, a rare one from this former colleague. I challenge you to listen to  Olbermann’s “symposium on love” without being both touched and galvanized to act for freedom. So far, there have been over 350,000 views on the youtubes.

The Courage Campaign has a petition with almost 190,000 signers with MoveOn.org. Here’s the text:

We, the undersigned, are united in our refusal to accept a California where discrimination is enshrined in our state’s constitution.

We pledge to repeal Prop 8 and restore marriage equality to California.

No matter how you may feel about gay marriage, surely we can all agree that all efforts to deprive people of rights in a state or federal constitution must be fought. Adding discriminatory language to the Constitution opens a dark door in our nation’s history. Constitutions are for protecting our rights as citizens, not for taking them away and it’s dangerous precedent.

Besides, the tide of public opinion is leaning in the favor of equality. Personally I’m in favor of a true separation of church and state where any 2 consenting adults can enter into a civil union under the protection of the law and where houses of worship can determine their own religious marriage policies freely. The vote to ban gay marriage was very close this time. Next time, in 2010, those who believe in fairness and equality will prevail. Please join me in signing the petition to send a strong message to those who would seek to make discrimation against other human beings law.

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