I’m Sorry, but Homegirl doesn’t look like she’s worth $4000 a visit, but I’m not a man and really wouldn’t understand what she does to pull that kind of cheddar.

Did anyone watch it? I missed the show, but caught some clips on MSNBC this morning and was curious.

Dupre tells Sawyer she didn’t initially recognize the man listed in court papers as “Client No. 9.”

Dupre, who reportedly turned down a $1 million offer to pose nude for Hustler magazine, recounted how afterwards she focused on Spitzer’s wife, Silda, as she watched the governor’s televised resignation speech.

“I felt connected to her,” Dupre said. “I didn’t feel connected to him. Her pain. And I just saw the pain in her eyes.”

Dupre portrays herself as a regular girl who went to the big city to pursue her dream of becoming a singer, then fell into financial straits when a boyfriend left her.

Spitzer paid big money to the Emperors Club VIP escort service for his assignations with Dupre. He reportedly laid out $4,300 for one Feb. 13 meeting at a Washington hotel.

How do you feel “connected” to the woman who’s husband you screwed and got fat paid for it?

How are you “just a normal girl” who fell in with some shady people and get fat paid?

If you’re pursuing a singing career, let us know when your CD drops so we can wait for it to hit the $1.99 bin at Borders or Barnes and Noble.

I’m curious, but maybe a man can answer this question:

WHAT THE HELL DID THIS CHICK DO THAT WAS WORTH $4000-5000 A VISIT? I mean, Spitzer spent enough money on this chick to not only lose his Gubernatorial office and embarass his family – the money alone could have financed a small developing country.  Any takers on this one, JJP readers, cause this inquiring mind would like to KNOW? LOL.

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