Just got some  emails in:

As of 10am, Election Protection has received over 27,000 calls to the 1-866-OUR-VOTE Hotline since the phones opened at 5:30am this morning.

Local election officials are deputizing trained Election Protection volunteers because pollworkers in Pittsburgh are overwhelmed by the crush of voters.

Hundreds of calls (http://www.ourvotelive.org/responses.php?sort=rid&order=desc&filter_subset=0&filter_state=PA&date=2008-11-04&id=&keywords=&op=Filter) from voters are indicating major obstacles to casting ballots in polling locations across the state. Broken voting machines are causing long lines at polls, and some voters are experiencing difficulties accessing the paper ballots to which they are entitled. Some voters are illegally being given provisional ballots and paper ballots are running out at multiple locations. Problems are being reported throughout Philadelphia.

We continue to be flooded by calls (http://www.ourvotelive.org/responses.php?sort=rid&order=desc&filter_subset=epc_eqprob&filter_state=VA&filter_county=0&date=2008-11-04&id=&keywords=&op=Filter) from voters in Virginia experiencing issues with machines in more than ten polling places all across the state, problems far more severe than expected. Our attorneys are urgently working to seek remedies to the situation.


We are receiving reports (http://www.ourvotelive.org/responses.php?sort=rid&order=desc&filter_subset=0&filter_state=OH&filter_county=39035&date=2008-11-04&id=&keywords=&op=Filter) of general confusion and mechanical malfunctions in Cleveland.

We have seen the situation on the ground in Virginia change drastically over the past hour. Election Protection is calling for the courts to keep the polls open an additional two hours.

There are widespread reports of line lines, lack of ample poll workers and general disorganization, resulting in waits as long as two hours. Machine malfunctions are also contributing long lines and in some cases poll workers administering polling through paper ballots. Some voters are expressing concern over the security of their ballots in these situations.

We have received multiple reports that optical scanning machines are broken in Tallahassee, Tampa, Broward County and Miami-Dade County.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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