Obama 207
McCain 135

Tweety is cracking me up. Amen, Tweety brought up The Bradley Effect.

Grant Park looks INSANE!

I’m going to make a request – one of the things I look for is headlines from international papers. If you find some, please post links in comments. Thanks in advance.

Craig Hickman, where are you?

Right now, they’re just running out the clock to the closing of the West Coast polls.

Tweey is preaching again..LOL
” It’s a wondrous thing”

FOX calls Virginia for Obama?

It’s done.

He’s the President-elect.

Electoral map is up to 333 for Obama over at MSNBC.

Nevada – to Obama.

Florida – to Obama

Virginia – to Obama

Colorado to Obama

Obama is up to 338
Eugene Robinson is kicking ass.

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