BTW, African American Political Pundit is going deep on White House
appointments and black people and I recommend following his coverage.

Obama is appointing African Americans to prominent White House and
Cabinet positions. Still Clinton and Bush II were no slouches in that
regard. From AAPP:

Clinton promised to change the government’s complexion. “My commitment is to
give you an administration that looks like America,” he said during the
1992 campaign. “I would be astonished if my Cabinet and my
administration and my staff … is not the most fully integrated this
country has ever seen.”

Over eight years and 29 appointments, Clinton had in his Cabinet five women, seven
African-Americans, three Hispanics (one of them named to two posts) and one Asian-American.

Over four years and 24 appointments, Bush has named to his Cabinet five women, four
African-Americans, three Hispanics and two Asian-Americans.

Before Bush, no person of color had been named to any of the four most
prestigious Cabinet jobs — at the departments of State, Treasury,
Defense and Justice. Now he has named two blacks as secretary of State
and a Mexican-American as attorney general.

Bush — well, gotta give (a little) credit where credit is due. Affirmative Action is as Affirmative Action does. And it works. Will Obama keep the theme of having a Cabinet that as Bill Clinton said, “looks like America”. And btw, looks like the people who voted for him which included a majority of every ethnic group except whites? Without African-Americans, Latinos and Asian-Americans voting in strong numbers for Obama, he wouldn’t have had a chance. So far, we’re encouraged.

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