Something just came to me:

I feel as if this country just saved itself.

I try and be logical most times, but underneath it all, this experiment called America, is sometimes beautiful to behold. There have been some dark times, but when this country gets it right, it usually gets it right in such a bold way, it’s stunning.

And, that’s how Barack Obama won. By appealing to that boldness that each of us feels is there about this country. Being an American isn’t about just understanding the positives, it’s understanding the flaws. It’s how I, a descendent of slaves, who were originally counted as 3/5ths a human being, can believe that the Constitution is the most profound document written in the past 400 years.

Our resident Chicken Little-NMP- said something during the primary season that I never forgot: she said watching Obama win like this made her feel like an American. Not a Black -American or an African-American, but an American. And, I knew what she meant, because it’s how I’ve felt too. I would watch Obama rallies and SEE the America that I wanted to live in, and I was willing to work for that.

I finally see some light. I found my faith again. The faith in my country.

To quote our future First Lady:

For the first time in my adult life, I am REALLY proud of my country.


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