First of all, I’m adding my condolences to the Obama family.  Losing “Toot” one day before the election is major pain and devastation for the Senator.  Which is leading me to the post decrying the despicableness of the GOP.

Specifically, the California (my home state) GOP.  No sooner than Toot crosses over to glory, these major-league a**holes are too busy to be decent in allowing Obama to mourn his grandmother.  They resort to this shyt:

Obama for America violated federal law by converting its campaign funds to Senator Obama’s personal use. Senator Obama recently traveled to Hawaii to visit his sick grandmother. This was the right thing for any grandson to do-at his own expense-but it was not travel that his campaign may fund. In Senator Obama’s own words, his travels took him “off the [campaign] trail for a day.” The trip featured no campaign events of any kind its 22-hour duration and his decision to travel was “not driven by political concerns,” according to an Obama spokesperson. Since the trip’s purpose was entirely and admittedly personal, the fact that he made campaign telephone calls and talked with staff aides while travelling does not convert this purely personal trip into a proper campaign expense. Therefore, the Obama Campaign violated the FEC’s ban on “personal use” of campaign funds when it paid over $100,000 for the Campaign’s charter to fly to Hawaii without obtaining reimbursement from Senator Obama.

Right now, I will say: “Eff The GOP!  Period. The End”

And for once, the Kossacks at Daily Kos have the right idea – giving Obama permission to use their donations to see about his sick grandmother, and as it turned out, it was the last time he saw her ALIVE.

Dear Obama campaign (18+ / 0-)

I herby authorize using any of my donation to visit your grandmother in Hawaii.

I can’t believe these creeps are doing this now.

Good move, I wonder how it will be received by the rest of the country.

by TimeZoned on Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 02:04:21 PM PST

I want to see this political party CRUSHED TO THE GROUND.  I want none of them alive to survive and start this shyt all over again in 2012 or 2016.  I want them GONE – BANISHED.

There have been a few posters, that, despite all the factual evidence that has been handed to your asses, you still plan to vote for McCain/Palin.  So, allow me to go ON THE RECORD AND SAY THIS:


You still want to support a campaign and a political party who doesn’t have the decency to allow a man to see about his sick grandmother?  You still want to support a campaign and a political party who will not allow a man’s grandmother to Rest In Peace by harassing him with a lawsuit on the DAY OF HER DEATH, complaining about the very thing he did by leaving the campaign trail to go see about her?

And how the hell was he supposed to get there – WALK?  You dirty Mofos…but you just spent $150k trying to dress up that pitbull with lipstick and I’m not buying that shyt that she’s donating the clothes when the campaign’s over. So what’s the friggin difference – except that Obama is a brotha and Sarah Palin is a privileged hillbilly trailer-park trash woman.  Y’all don’t even BOTHER to hide your racism anymore, which is probably a good thing, because the more this gets out, the more America is going to turn up her nose at y’all like you’re dogshyt on the bottom of someone’s Jimmy Choos.

You major-league a**holes.  Way to stay Classy, Dipshyts.

I know Senator Obama, even in his grief, is too classy to call y’all out.  So I WILL.  I will call you out on all the bullshyt he can’t.  I will kick ass and take names, especially tomorrow.  I want to personally piss on the graves of the dirty Mofos in the GOP who came up with this shyt.  I want the ReThug party NEUTERED FOR AT LEAST THE NEXT EIGHT YEARS.  And take Joe Lieberman with your decrepit asses.

Don’t say that the California GOP isn’t reflective of the whole ReThug Party.  I still remember when you Thugs came into California and kicked out a democratically elected Governor to advance your own damned agenda.  The California ReThugs couldn’t have done this without the blessings of the National OFFICE.

It isn’t enough that the ReThugs GO AWAY.  We need them to be ANNIHILATED and BANISHED for the next eight years.  And even eight years isn’t ENOUGH.

So much for your friggin’ Being the party of FAMILY VALUES.  Hoodrats have more “family values” than the GOP.

Maybe we should tell Obama if he used our donations to go see about Toot, it’s allright with US.

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