Discussion Thread, y’all.  AIG wants to feed at the Government Trough, receive corporate welfare for malfeasance, and with the bill running $900 billion of yours and my tax dollars, they’re still planning boondoggle events at $350,000 for their people.  Hat tip AmericaBlog – via ABC News.

I’ll let Mr. Aravosis speak on this issue:

This is clearly an organization that doesn’t have a clue. Fire the entire damned executive team and start over. For other businesses who are struggling to get through this tough economy, they trim costs. For AIG? They schedule yet another executive event for $350,000 with all the trimmings. Maybe it is necessary to get everyone together but c’mon, there’s no need for spending money that they are already borrowing from taxpayers. Change needs to come at AIG immediately and no more golden parachutes as they’re sent packing.

Now, one of our regular commenters, Sepia, pointed out something very shrewd about our President-Elect, if, in fact, this was the reason Summers’ name got floated like a trial balloon.  Here’s Sepia’s take on it:

According to Tom Brokaw on The Today Show, Larry Summers WAS the favorite for the spot, but that has since changed over the weekend. Too much baggage. He said that there’s much debate within the Obama camp about who should fill the spot. Some want Paul Volker and perhaps have him teamed up with Timothy Geithner.

I think this info about Summers being a top choice was purposely leaked to get a feel about what we think.

Well, it’s actually nice to have a President who can think; who’s intellectually curious about what goes on around him and who tries to get a take on the pulse of the Nation and act accordingly.  It will also serve him well when he makes those bold moves we expect him to make in the coming years to get America back on track.

But this Banking Bailout mess is the gift that keeps on giving…to Wall Street, ’cause we’re not getting jack from this bailout, except our pockets picked.  I’m hoping that someone will call a Congressional hearing in the new year and demand AIG to explain themselves about how they were clammering about being broke, but you can find $350K to spend on a boondoggle Executive Retreat, while people are losing their jobs, their homes, have no medical insurance, can’t get prescriptions when they get sick – all of it gone to hell in a handbasket.

Chime in with your thoughts, opinions, rants and raves.

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