In light of today’s reports of voting injustice in PA, I wanted to followup with a call to action. If you have ways of reaching people in PA, please share the action items with them.

  • Get in line as early as possible and definitely by 5:30pm. Leave work early if you must.
  • DO NOT LEAVE PERMANENTLY (get someone to hold your spot)
  • Bring water and entertaining activities. If you’ve already voted or cannot, please go to a place with long lines and help the people stay calm and hydrated.
  • Musicians and comics and poets, ROLL OUT.
  • Don’t forget 866-OUR-VOTE. That’s 866-687-8683

And special notice to Philly voters

Urgent – Philadelphia Voting Machines (DailyKos)

If you are in Philadelphia, PA and you click the box for Obama, and then click straight Democratic ticket, it will cancel out your vote for Obama.

Obama campaign urges folks either to vote straight Democratic ticket, or to choose each candidate individually – but not both.

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