Hi there JJP Family —

Perhaps you might have wondered where I was last week. I found I needed some time after the election to clear my head and do some deep thinking. I needed to study peace and not war for a spell.

Now a bitch is back with extra sass, spice, vinegar and hot sauce.

Please be advised: Posting may slow down from all JJP bloggers later in the week due to the Thanksgiving  holiday.

Know that we here at JJP love you and give thanks that you stop by every once in awhile to spend some time with us. We value your thoughts, comments and insights.

We hope you have a great holiday with your family and friends. While we can give thanks for an important & historic victory this year, we all know that things may still get darker before there is dawn. December is the time — often just before or just after Christmas — when companies do their big layoffs for tax purposes. Millions of people are about to be thrown out of work. No one wants to talk about it yet, but we’re grown-ups here and we have to get prepared. When America gets a cold, black people get the flu. Chances are, the coming layoffs will hit our communities hard.

There’s a lot of work to do to re-build this nation and get back on track. And I know like me, you ain’t noways tired.

Let’s count our blessings. Let’s get rested & ready for the battles ahead.

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