He’s Keeping Out of Sight, But this is the Picture I’d like to See

Via Reuters:

President George W. Bush, who has stayed out of the public eye in the final days before the election to choose his successor, knows his popularity has suffered, but the White House insists he will have no problem looking in the mirror when he returns to Texas.

I hope he will be looking at that mirror high on Jack and Coke (as in Cocaine).  One should be numb to face the hideousness of their actions, especially as POTUS.

Bush spent the weekend at Camp David and has no public events on Monday or Tuesday. He last spoke with his preferred successor Republican John McCain on Sept. 25, the day of a White House meeting on the financial bailout.

Where I recall, McCain didn’t say shyt during that meeting, and he “interrupted” his campaigning to hightail it back to DC, and David Letterman has been punking him ever since.  The FCC hasn’t bothered McCain for that stunt, either.

Bush wants McCain to succeed him, but hasn’t had a conversation with him since McCain tried to punk Obama into returning to DC to deal with the Bailout Legislation?  I haven’t seen such desertion since Al Gore ran away from Bill Clinton back in 2000.

I’m also remembering how that worked out for Gore, too.

McCain has actively campaigned to distance himself from the unpopular 43rd U.S. president, rarely appearing with Bush since capturing the Republican presidential nomination in March.

Too late, McCain.  Bush managed to hang himself around your neck like an anvil, and hopefully, after today, that anvil will drown him, Sarah Palin and the whole ReThug Party into oblivion.

We at JJP are really good at detecting patterns.  Of ANY KIND; mostly dogwhistle politics, but we catch them just the same.  And we’re seeing a familiar pattern.

Bush was a failed oilman from Texas, who got the Governorship long enough to fry a lot of inmates on Death Row, but also got bailed out into the White House in 2000 before he could ruin the Lone Star State of Texas.  Still With Me?

He steals the White House in two elections, turns everything into complete shyt and made America a laughing stock on a Global Scale.  He even managed to bring down a Prime Minister with him (Tony Blair, if you’re getting fat paid by hitching your wagon to Bush, I hope its worth it, because according to what your wife is saying in her new book, she hated Bush for bringing you down to his dirt level).  He couldn’t run away for eight years, but he’s sure as hell abandoning the shytpile he created for someone else to clean up.

Sound or look familiar?  Yeah, I thought the readers would get it.  I just find it friggin’ laughable that Bush is staying out of sight on Election Day – in fact, how McCain and company, as well as any other Republican running for re-election today, sent a collective message to Bush to stay the hell away from them, starting with their convention in Minneapolis this summer.  Y’all know damned well Bush doesn’t voluntarily stay away from any event he can turn into a photo-op (he even bum-rushed Coretta Scott King’s funeral, got Harry Belafonte uninvited, but the payback was getting a can of whip-ass broke out on him by Rev. Joseph Lowery, and having no where to run.)

Too late.  You ReThugs created the monster that is George W. Bush, so you have to own him.  If y’all had managed to collectively corral him in the early going…but NAW, y’all wanted the shyt Bush was selling as much as he wanted to sell it.

Bush should stay out of sight – then maybe he’ll finally be OUT OF MIND.  Especially after January 20, 2009.

Talk about “The End of an ERROR.” LOL

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