But, apparently, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is all smiles as he got sentenced to the Big House on Tuesday.  Hat tip to Gina from What About Our Daughters, via FREEP.  Check out the pic:

Kwame Kilpatrick was at it again Tuesday.

If you didn’t know that this was Kilpatrick’s deadly serious sentencing hearing — a time when most savvy criminal defendants act as humbly as possible — you might have thought Detroit’s disgraced former chief executive was attending a political rally or charity roast.

Kilpatrick spent much of his three hours in court frowning, shaking his head, smirking, laughing and goofing around, at one point, even needling Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy and her assistants.

As Kilpatrick carried on, Wayne County Circuit Judge David Groner slammed him for the arrogant way he had behaved Sept. 4, after he had agreed to plead guilty in a case that disrupted civic life for months and cost the city millions of dollars.

And, for good measure, his papa said he got railroaded into jail.  By whom?  As Gina spelled it out on her blog:

Railroaded? Your son created a paper trail of his infidelity and then lied about it. Under oath… Did we mention his son is an attorney? Didn’t he have five lawyers? Didn’t he lie? Isn’t Detroit run by Black folks? Who runs that railroad?

Kim Worthy is not through with him yet. She is continuing to investigate him related to come travel issues and the death of Tamera Greene and as I predicted, it looks like the Feds are not far behind.

As my colleague, Rikyrah, has advised to many we’ve reported as being off to the BIG HOUSE:

“Don’t Drop the Soap, Kwame.”

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