Let your observations and insights fly right here for the event tonight.

If you’re interested in some cool twitter action, I strongly suggest you check election.twitter.com for live tweets from across the user base. I usually go nuts via Twitter on debate nights, so follow @baratunde if you like. Jill is @ch3ryl and the blog itself is @jjpolitics

And, some cool innovation from NPR and Current TV.

NPR offers chance to fact check the debate live via Twitter.

As you watch the debate, we invite you to be on the lookout for any questionable claims made by Sen. Biden or Gov. Palin. For example, if one of them says something that runs counter to something you’ve heard them say in the past, you can help us out by tracking down a primary source for the original quote, like a transcript or video. Same thing if one of them cites a statistic: you can track down the original source and help us verify if it’s accurate.

Once you’ve found the source, you can then get it to us by posting it to Twitter with the tag #factcheck included in your tweet.

And Current TV is running Hack The Debate

  1. Tune in on October 2nd at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST for the Live Vice Presidential Debate. Find Current TV on your local cable/satellite provider or come here to watch the live stream of our broadcast.
  2. Make sure you’ve registered with Twitter to participate.
  3. During the debates, chime in by including “#current” in your tweet. Example:
    “This discussion about universal healthcare makes me want to pop some pills! #current”
  4. We won’t be able to air every single tweet on TV, but you can see all of the #current tweets by searching #current on Twitter search.
  5. If you have any questions about participating, send us a tweet @current.

African American Political Pundit usually live blogs.

Gina at What About Our Daughters will also live blog and will be on Blog Talk Radio later.

Join us tonight right here during the vice presidential debate for our live blogging and then follow us over to the Black Womens’ Roundtable over on Blogtalkradio.com/blackwomen. We always have an entertaining post-event podcast. To participate in the show, you can call 646-478-4750. We are simply the best post-debate analysis out there :) or so I’m told.

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