CNN’s experts, focus group and insta-poll (along with CBS’ poll) showed that Biden had a clear win during tonight’s debate. I thought it was strange that there were no questions about abortion, Roe v Wade, rape kits, the Violence Against Women Act, the morning after pill. Was this taken off the table in order to get the McCain camp to back off on Gwen Ifill as moderator or to keep Palin from “suspending her campaign” AKA attempting to bolt from the debate? I’m just asking — it seemed like a big oversight, especially since this is her Achilles heel with women along with her slim foreign policy expertise.

Another interesting moment: Palin couldn’t name one thing a McCain/Palin administration would do differently than Bush. What did you think? I loved this quote questioning McCain’s “maverick” label. Here’s the video and transcript.

Here’s the clip above and the transcript below.

Biden: Can I respond to that? Look, let’s talk about the maverick John McCain is. And again I love him, he’s been a maverick on some issues but he’s been no maverick on things that a matter people’s lives. He voted four out of five times for George Bush’s budget which put us half a trillion in debt this year and over three trillion in debt since he got there. He has not been a maverick in providing healthcare for people. He voted against including another 3.6 million children in coverage of an existing health care plan in the United States Senate. He’s not been a maverick when it comes to education. He has not supported tax cuts and significant changes for people being able to send their kids to college, he’s not been a maverick on the war, not been a maverick on virtually anything that generally affects the things people really talk about around the kitchen table. Can we get mom’s MRI? Can we send Mary back to school next semester. We can’t make it. How will we heat the house this winter? He even voted against what they call LIHEAP, for assistance for people with oil prices going through the roof in the winter. So a maverick he is not, on the important critical issues that affect people at the kitchen table.

Biden’s Emotional Moment

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