Y’all remember that Baratunde/Jack Turner launched this awhile back to compile attempts to suppress the American vote. Jon Pincus, Baratunde and you have been hard at work – the VS Wiki is poised to write history as it unfolds. Note to the GOP, RNC & McCain-Palin — attempts to keep people from voting are about to go on your permanent record. We can’t fight back without you, though. Please sign up and be ready to report on voter suppression efforts when you see them in your local news or experience them personally. And tell your friends and family, especially those in battleground states where you know some un-cool stuff is about to go down.

Here’s wassup:

If you’re already involved with the Voter Suppression Wiki, please say hi on the introductions page, check out the help wanted, and jump into the discussions on planning and strategy.  If you’re not involved yet, please join us at our new URL  http://votersuppression.net!


With only three weeks to go until Election Day on November 4, it’s time for the Voter Suppression Wiki to start shifting to action mode.  Our challenges at this point are pretty typical of nascent activism groups: building a large enough community and getting enough visibility to have an impact, linking up with partners and allies, getting good communications channels in place, and learning to work together effectively.

We’re doing pretty well on all of these fronts, actually: with over 100 people involved we’ve got the core of a community; we’re expecting more press attention later this week; and we’ve had initial discussions with allies like SourceWatch and their Election Protection Wiki, Twitter Vote Report’s grassroots election-monitoring plan, and CREDO action’s SMS-based Immediate Response Network.

What’s needed now is help getting the word out about VSW and also help in implementing the strategy. Get to it, y’all! We’ve worked too long to let anyone have their vote (or their election) taken away.

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