An update from the trenches at the Voter Suppression Wiki.

There are 91 members, we’ve had great press coverage and are coordinating with many organizations having real results on the ground. Two points to this message

(1) We’re considering shifting this to a more explicitly partisan effort.

SourceWatch (the org behind Congresspedia and other projects) is launching an Election Protection Wiki that is required to be non-partisan. Given that, we thought we could focus more on action on behalf of Democratic voters.

I’ve set up a discussion thread in the wiki, so please weigh in soon, especially if you have reservations.

(2) we need graphics!

We’d like to create Voter Suppression Wiki graphics to use on the wiki itself, on our Facebook page, MySpace, Twitter, etc pages. And perhaps most importantly, we want to make it easy for folks to promote the project on their sites, profiles and blogs.

If you have graphics skills, please contribute your concepts. If not, please solicit from your various networks and direct people to upload images on the wiki

thanks fam.

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