Yes, yall, the Voter Suppression Wiki is still kicking, and there’s a lot to combat. Pam’s House Blend has this alert today about confusing ballots in North Carolina.

Early voting in NC has been a roaring success, with long lines of people eager to cast their ballots, but it’s all for naught if people are not aware that in the Tar Heel State “straight ticket” votes don’t count for Presidential candidates or judges. There are signs but new voters are particularly vulnerable to missing this key information. If in doubt, voters can learn more at the N.C. Center for Voter Education. Below the fold is a sample NC ballot.

There’s a really digestible summary of this in the Voter Suppression Wiki.

So what do we need folks to do? Jon Pincus (who’s doing heavy lifting on the voter suppression wiki) says:

If you live in North Carolina, contact your local media outlets if they haven’t covered it yet; if you know some bloggers and journalists there, please forward them this link or the incident page, and ask them to cover the story.   If you’re a blogger, please consider writing about it — and make sure to include instructions for what voters need to do!

I would add that you should post this blog item to the walls of your facebook friends who live in North Carolina asking them to spread the word. Email it to family and friends down there. Call them. We cannot let this new voter participation go to waste!

Update. Video!!

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