I just happened to find this around the net.
It’s the closeup of the child’s book from today’s Open Thread.

Good Evening.

We’re going to try an experiment: the Evening Open Thread.

I know that the regular Open Threads have become so busy that they slow computers down. We’re going to see how this goes.

We’re going to do this until election night.

It’ll be a combination of Fundraising Update, Election Progress, and Open Thread.

Fundraising: As of today, we have raised $ 898.00 of our $5,000.00 goal. For those who have donated – Thank you. Folks, we’re not asking for large donations. We know these are lean times, but, we’re not asking for Sarah Palin Clothing Budget Money. Anything you can give, we will appreciate.

Election Progress:
On the Voter Suppression Front, the Righteous have been winning. There have been cases in Ohio, Nevada, Indiana, and Wisconsin. All GOP attempts at voter suppression, and all have been defeated. But, we must continue to be vigilant.

Lots of good polling out there for Senator Obama, but we need to campaign like he’s 5 points behind EVERYWHERE. Don’t doubt that they will continue in their attempts to Voter Suppress, but we have to be equally vigilant. This is where Senator Obama and his campaign deserve all the credit in the world for going after their 50 State Strategy. If the Obama Campaign had stuck to the 2000 and 2004 Election Map, I dare say, we’d be close to being sunk right now.

I’m not naive. But, it’s easier to steal it in a couple of states. The genius of the Obama campaign is that they literally have to steal it in about 10 states. Barack Obama was never going to limit himself, sticking to the ‘ old map’, where they could concentrate in a few states. He’s got them mofos running around the country. Plus, it only works if it’s ‘close’. Which is why Obama has been crazy about registering NEW voters.

It’s not that I’m not hesitant..I’m cautious..we all should be…but vigilant.

He’s run the GOP OUT of New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Minnesota…

He’s fighting block-by-block in Missouri.

He’s fighting block-by-block in Indiana – the birthplace of the KKK- INDIANA.

He’s got them spending time, money and resources in VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA.

He’s got them on the ropes in FLORIDA.

No offense to anyone in Ohio, but my fondest hope is that Obama wins WITHOUT Ohio. It would be nice, but I don’t want him to need it in the end.

John McCain BEGAN the month of October with 47 million dollars.

Obama – 133 million.

Caribou Barbie SNEERED at the ‘ COMMUNITY ORGANIZER’, but he paid her and nobody else any mind and went about his business.

The fight is ours.

We just need to pound away until we see their bones breaking through the flesh.

This is an Open Thread

Rules are the same.

Drop those links. Engage in debate. Give us trivia and gossip too.

And continue to have a peaceful day.

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