That’s the feeling I get when I see exchanges like the following . . .

TalkingPointsMemo has a video of McCain’s recent interview with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register. Until now, I didn’t think his camp would let it happen . . .but performances like this make me think the guy could blow his top at any moment:


Peevish.  Stuff like this feeds into people’s concerns about McCain’s temperament. People are correct to note that this guy takes criticism very personally. And that’s not a good look when you’ve got your finger on the button. He does not wear well under pressure.

Joy Behar (lol. . . yes . . . I am going to quote The View) said it best: It’s like McCain can’t distinguish between an adversary and an enemy. Obama is McCain’s adversary . . . a terrorist is McCain’s enemy. Does McCain know the difference???

Sorry, but I need a President who understands that difference. Otherwise, how should I expect McCain to work with a Democratic Congress? How can I expect transparency in government if McCain wages war on the media? Not a good look.

As I sat through the Republican primary debates, I was struck by the fact that McCain has absolutely NO poker face whatsoever. The disdain and (I’d go as far as to say) borderline hatred he seemed to show towards Mitt Romney was unsettling . . . uncomfortably personal and improper for a debate amongst candidates that, despite their differences, were still on the same team (all Republicans and, more importantly, all AMERICANS). It showed back then and it’s why McCain lost his debate with Obama this past Friday.

There’s a sense that, if you really wanted to, you could goad McCain into a fight just by looking at him the wrong way. It doesn’t instill confidence in voters to think that a foreign dictator could get inside McCain’s head just as easily as the editorial board at the Des Moines Register. It’s not a strength . . . it’s a weakness. It’s the sign of a man who is easily distracted and prone to erratic behavior.

Some people can’t disagree without being disagreeable. McCain strikes me as one such person. In a country torn between competing ideologies . . .red and blue . . . conservative and liberal . . . with a government mired in intense and, at times, irrational partisanship . . . Americans need a President who is mature and self-confident enough to LEAD a divided nation down a path toward better times. That’s not the path I see under a McCain administration.

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