Over at Black Agenda Report; however, I’ve provided a direct link here.  Click on the link and see how the CBC sold out your best interests, and say they represented YOU.

A tidbit…

It is not true that crises bring out the best in people, including politicians. On top of the relentless corrupting influence of corporate money, election cycle tensions coupled with financial meltdown resulted in sub-prime scores for the CBC as a body – roughly similar to the Caucus’s performance in February of this year. With 87.5% B+ scores, the following ten lawmakers are the best of the batch, this grading period:

William “Lacy” Clay (MO), John Conyers (MI), William Jefferson (LA), Hank Johnson (GA), Donald Payne (NJ), Bobby Scott (VA), John Lewis (GA), Barbara Lee (CA), Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX), Jesse Jackson (IL)

Most notable by his presence in the upper grades is New Orleans’ Bill Jefferson, who for the first several CBC Monitor Report Cards (beginning in September 2005) was stuck in Dereliction.

I know some of you will fire your missiles at me for including critique of Senator Obama’s position on some of this legislation, but if I can’t attempt to hold him accountable NOW, when will accountability be demanded of him?

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