After having two elections stolen from us (yeah, I said it), this sounds like a good idea.  From my colleague, Bruce Dixon, at Black Agenda Report, who makes a very compelling argument that Barack Obama and Joe Biden should be ready to utilize their positions on the Senate Judiciary Committee to go after any kind of, ahem, Monkey Business, regarding this year’s electoral outcome:

Barack Obama is a member of the senate Judiciary Committee, which oversees the Justice Department, and his running mate Joe Biden chairs that committee. If Democrats wanted, any time in the last two years, to put a stop to voter suppression or expose the vacuous myth of large numbers of illegal voters,, these two could have called hearings, subpoenaed witnesses and kept it on the front page for weeks. But again, Democrats don’t want to be seen as the party of the blacks, who are the most frequent victims of voter suppression.

If the election is stolen from Obama will he go the way of Gore and Kerry, and refuse to fight to count every vote? Nobody knows. Hopes are high, but Gore and Kerry preserved their elite credentials by refusing to fight the vote thieves. In almost 20 years of political life, Barack Obama has shown himself to be notoriously risk-averse. He doesn’t fight. In the words of the Bodie character in HBO’s The Wire, “…his heart pumps kool-aid.”

Before y’all start hating, let me inform you that Bruce Dixon is from Chicago and worked with Senator Obama in community organizing and activism in Chicago over 20 years ago, and most notably, during the 1992 voter registration drive there, so his article speaks from experience.

I, for one, don’t want to see another Presidential Election stolen, because that would be the ONLY WAY John McCain and his “pitbull with lipstick” get the White House.  Fortunately, Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Greg Palast have produced a downloadable comic book telling you how to steal back your vote:

Steal Back Your Vote! Title Page by Greg Palast.
If anyone knows how elections get stolen, it’s Greg Palast.
If anyone needs to know how to steal BACK our votes to make sure we get the government we want, its US.
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