I’m ambivalent these days.

On one hand, Sarah Palin provides enough political fodder to write as many books as has been written about GeeShrubya.  On the other hand, this woman seems to have no limits and doesn’t allow us in the blogsphere to limit writing about her silly ass, either.  In the latest development of the ongoing drama that has became John McCain’s allegedly POTUS campaign, we find out that far from being humble and contrite about the state investigation that revealed Palin to have abused her authority as Alaska’s Governor, she’s downright defiant about it:

Vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin denied wrongdoing Saturday after a probe found she had abused voters’ trust as Alaska governor, in a new blow to John McCain’s trailing White House campaign.

Republican McCain was embroiled in turmoil of his own meanwhile, after he was booed late Friday by supporters and appeared to undercut his own campaign strategy by calling time on personal attacks on Barack Obama.

Alaska Governor Palin rejected the findings of a bipartisan legislative probe which found she violated ethics rules by letting husband Todd pressure top officials for the firing of her ex-brother-in-law, a state trooper.

Asked by a reporter in Pennsylvania if the charges were true, Palin replied: “No, and if you read the report you will see that there was nothing unlawful or unethical about it. You have to read the report.”

Is she referring to her own investigative report?  She can’t be referring to the one issued by the State of Alaska, initiated by her own state’s REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Dang, TruthSeeker, I’m wearing out your quote – “Sarah Palin has enough shyt on her to fill in the gaps in the Grand Canyon.”

And the latest reports merely verify it.  But, most of us, if we were Sarah Palin; I think we’d try to tone down the rhetoric and get the spotlight off ourselves, which in this case, she’s too stupid to even DO THAT.  John McCain hiding behind her skirts to do the dirty work of being a “pit bull with lipstick” is giving him more than he bargained for, and too little, too late:

McCain told the man who said he was “scared” to bring his new baby into an America ruled by Obama that the Democrat was a “decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States.”

McCain’s comments drew boos from some of his supporters and appeared to directly undercut the thrust of his aggressive negative ad campaign which has question whether Obama has a character befitting a president.

That last comment sounds a lil’ like acknowlegement from McCain that Obama has a character befitting a President.  However, after GeeShrubya, that’s not hard to have, given who has managed to make America a laughing stock on a global scale for the last eight years.

Too bad he didn’t decide to town shyt down until his own Party Leadership called him out on it.

You can’t make this shyt up and it basically writes itself. But, I’m not celebrating yet because I know what can happen in this country during election season.  An election can be stolen right out from under you, but unlike Al Gore or John Kerry, I don’t think Obama goes down without a fight.

Let the games begin.

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