Yes, you read the headline correctly.  I posted this in the Open Thread comments, but I decided you needed the images that go with this.  This is a faction that has historically voted Republican, but I guess with the economic mess, a disappearing 401K and dissing union employees, even rednecks have their limits and they have decided McCain is really McCaint:

Tony, Les, Curt, Lance, Oxford, MS

Here’s the link if you want to drive by…ROFL

I love their motto:

“We Hunt, Fish, Drink Beer and Support Barack Obama”

And these were the main ones McCaint and Palin have been going around the country trying to scare into the voting booths to vote against their own best interests by turning their campaign rallies into Klan rallies.  I think it’s safe to say those days are miraculously over.  I would also say that the bigot that Obama really needs to worry about are the educated, articulate ones in the $5000 or more Brooks Brothers or Chanel Suits (Lady de Rothschild, anyone?) sipping on alcohol too pricey to have names because they’re afraid Jay-Z or some rapper will get ahold of it and make it cheap like malt liquor (Cristal, anyone?).

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