Not only because he’s an effing turncoat of the highest order, he uses ass-holery to help those he considers his friends, but we call THE ENEMY.  From ThinkProgress, via Crooks & Liars:

On Fox News today, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) discussed the downturn in Sen. John McCain’s presidential prospects, saying McCain “is behind now because of the economy.” Lieberman then said that he hopes the House passes bailout legislation tomorrow because “it will be good for our country.”

“But frankly, it will be good for John McCain too,” added Lieberman, explaining that “it will get people back to comparing the two candidates free of a sense of crisis that may make them want to turn against Republicans.”

Screw THAT.  The purpose of passing legislation is to help the country and the citizens that live here.  Not provide Corporate Welfare to those who got the economy into this shyt hole, and certainly not for the purposes of helping an old, crotchety, mean, anal-retentive, reckless judgement SOB win the White House.

His girl was supposed to help him out in last night’s debate.  Even with cheat sheets given for two answers when she had ten questions to answer, a refusal to answer questions she knew she couldn’t, and sounding like Karen Walker with a Hillbilly accent from “Will & Grace” – she didn’t get the job DONE.

I know most of you will say that Lieberman’s needed to keep a Democratic majority. For all that keeping him sweet has done, it’s resulted in nothing but the opportunity for Lieberman to piss on US even more. For my money, it’s as if the Democrats have no clear majority in the Senate, so why keep pandering to his ass?  Let’s not go there about how Dick Cheney can break a tie.  Yes, he can do that…if the legislation reaches the floor for a vote.  And Harry Reid has all kinds of parlamentary strategies he could engage to tie shyt up if need be.  It’s not like he hasn’t done it before.

And the bailout bill passed, but I’m willing to bet that the elements needed to make it effective and place restrictions on the jackasses that got America into this economic cesspool, like accountability and oversight, are still missing, and that $700 billion is essentially Monopoly Money because no verification has been done to determine if there’s enough gold or silver to liquify and cover that paper, should any country we’re in debt to decides to call in their loans.

Do you have reasons why you can’t stand Joe Lieberman, JJP readers?  If so, share them here. At least, come January 21, 2009 – he will at least be shoved to the curb, if not kicked under the effing bus already.

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