I don’t like raining on anyone’s parade, but the possibility that this election may very well be stolen…AGAIN, is giving me fits.  From Anthony Wade at Op-Ed News:

The talking points have been as inane as the alleged poll results. Primarily, the talking points are that the bump is due to the “strong” showing of McCain in the last debate and the “Joe the Plumber” nonsense has “struck a chord.” You have got to be kidding me. Every post debate poll clearly showed that Barack Obama once again dominated John McCain in the last debate. This was even stronger among undecided voters and independents. There was no strong showing by McCain; he lost and everyone saw him lose. By every count, including Fox News, he lost. Not only that, but he lost all three debates as well as the Vice Presidential debate. Throw in the fact that his recent Ayers attack line and socialist charges were also polled to be losers, the new AP poll simply defies logic.

Defies logic is right.  I already said why I don’t trust polls.  Here’s more:

This is all about the backdrop for the theft of the election. Already states such as New Jersey are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important” and election. The crafted talking points on exit polling is that people will be “too embarrassed” to admit they did not vote for Obama. Exit polling is not some haphazard venture. We use it to challenge the elections in other countries as proof when election results have been tampered with. We only had problems with exit polling when the Bush Administration came into power. Suddenly the data collected is not reliable and silly rationales are generated to explain away how someone like John Kerry can win amongst men and women in Ohio, yet still lose the overall count. Is there a third unknown gender demographic? Instead of properly questioning why the vote totals do not match the exit polling and we are talking by wide margins, the exit polling is “adjusted” to reflect the vote tallies.

I’ve already said that there are some who can’t have the fact that a Black Man would become President.  It also explains why we see the likes of Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh foaming at the mouth behind thinking they would have to fix their odious mouths to address a Black Man as “Mr. President”.  Additionally, it’s being reported that the networks need to have a “dead-heat” type election race in order to garner any ratings, and that’s why there’s been no reporting on the widening gap in the polls between Obama and McGrampy.

Their treachery knows no bounds, and McPalin is just the tip of the iceberg.  Forgive me if I don’t do the Happy Dance until the election is certified and declares Obama the winner on the Floor of the United States House of Representatives…and not even then until I see him on stage with the wee Michelles and Michelle holding the family Bible taking the Oath of Office.

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