There’s a lot of mis-information out there about who ACORN is. Brave New Films breaks it down for you. As you might expect, the GOP has chosen a good organization that helps low-income minorities to trash. Don’t let it happen. Here’s the official description of the video. Paging CNN!

The new video features an ACORN official stating that the hysterical allegations by the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee are nothing but “absurd” and “ridiculous” attacks, just another politically calculated attempt to intimidate low-income voters and people of color from casting ballots this November.  The video features a television clip of The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan arguing that the attacks comprise an “ACORN strategy” of de-legitimizing election results before they come in.  These anti-democratic activities by right wing interests, the ACORN official argues, are the most “un-American thing you can do.”  The new video highlights underrepresented communities benefiting from ACORN‘s work.

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